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Toro fly reel
Toro fly reel
Toro fly reel
Toro fly reel
Toro Classic fly reel
Toro Classic fly reel
Toro Classic fly reel
Toro Classic fly reel

TORO & TORO Classic

  • #7/8 line weight

  • Self-supporting, single-piece structure

  • Exclusive EDS technology

  • Quick Interchangeable spool system

  • Life time Warranty

  • Machined from one single solid bar stock 

  • Aerospace 6061-T6 aluminum 

  • Hard anodized finish, Type III

  • Alumina ring line guard on Classic model only

  • Handle in walnut​ n Classic model only

  • 20 ball bearing system 

  • Reversible retrieval direction 

  • Large arbor 

  • Colors: Shiny Black or Pearl Black for classic model.


Toro Reel is a large arbor reel with a solid self-supporting, single-piece structure, featuring an exclusive drag system (EDS). Available in two different lineguards option, a regular one and a Classic Alumina ceramic fusion special for hi speed with extremely low friction coefficient.

The Toro reel has a CNC technology structure machined from one single aerospace 6061-T6 aluminum solid bar stock, up to 30 micron hard anodized finish, Type III Class2, it also has a 20 roller bearing system that provides a firm and soft experience.

The line guard ring is made of alumina (on Classic model only). This material has a very low friction coefficient that helps to protect the reel and the line against abrasion and wear deriving from use. The Classic model lineguard is also lighter than a regular lineguard.

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